Sacred Journeys Massage and Wellness Center










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Mission Statement

Sacred Journeys has evolved into a tranquil oasis,
nestled on blessed grounds, that provides a sanctuary of wholeness.

We believe we are all divinely created as a magnificent living vessel
capable of innately healing through body, mind, and spirit.

Our intention is to provide avenues of clearing, balancing, restoring and rejuvenating our vessel to its original blueprint of health.

Sacred Journeys Massage & Wellness Center,
in conjunction with Sacred Voices Awakened and Spinning Wheels Artistry, provides services including various modalities, workshops, and retreats to bring transformational growth and harmony to all who seek wellness on their journey.





"Sacred Journeys is a safe and beautiful environment inside and out to receive healing for the mind, body, and spirit in a peaceful and loving way.  A place you always feel welcome.  I love to visit whenever I can."
~M.W.   Tennessee